Benja Thai Restaurant is a special place. A quick walk through the restaurant will leave any visitor impressed with the beautiful new decor. The new renovations really have tastefully and beautifully captured what a great Thai IMG_0017restaurant should be. Combine that with a great staff and wonderful food and its clear that Benja Thai Restaurant is a real winner!

Yes the renovations have been a huge success, but something else very interesting and symbolic also came out of the renovations. During some of the demolition something interesting was found within the walls of Benja Thai Restaurant. A beautifully preserved bar of chocolate was found within the walls next to a newspaper dated 1952! The chocolate bar seems to carry with it the soul of an earlier time when such an item could be bought for a mere 10 cents as it says on the chocolate bar.

This may seem like a small thing, but for the staff of Benja Thai Restaurant this seemed to solidify the soul of the restaurant and where they were going over the coming years. What a wonderful place to create something special in!

Why not come in and see for yourself what a wonderful and unique destination Benja Thai Restaurant is? We are sure you will agree, it’s an experience worth coming back for.